Development of a business card website

Creation of a business card website

One of the examples of a business card site from ECS web-studio

The business card site format is a concise and focused that provides an opportunity to fully familiarize yourself with a specific type of activity of a company or individual on the Internet, which is visited by millions of people every day.
The business card site contains a detailed description, photo gallery, portfolio, sliders directly related to your work or occupation, such necessary functionality as a feedback form, callback and contact information for interacting with the client is already initially connected.

As a rule, it includes from 1 to 3 pages, but in some cases there may be more. The home page is the main one on which the description of the company is located, a slider with the works of the company. The second page of the business card website introduces the client to the services provided. Detailed map and contacts are presented on the third page.

In addition to all of the above, a business card site is an excellent marketing tool that, with the right approach, will work and generate income 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Order creation of a business card website in ECS web-studio on favorable terms with professional support!

Business card website development

  • Introducing the client's field of activity.
  • Creating a unique logo by which the company will be recognized.
  • web design development appropriate to the occupation and type of activity of the company or private person.
  • Detailed description of services and adding photos.
  • Fill in contact details and detailed directions to the location.
  • Creation administrative panel from which you can edit the description, as well as change and add photos.
  • The main platform on which the business card website is developed is known as wordpress, other content management systems are possible.
  • Optimization and testing for mobile devices.

Benefits of a business card website

Its low price gives a significant savings to a new company or organization. Often start-up entrepreneurs cannot afford professional websites with expensive web design and numerous functionality like those of well-established competitors.

Perhaps there is no need at all to acquire an expensive site with hundreds of pages and a few pages describing exactly a specific type of activity are enough. That is exactly what business card website format is for.

It is erroneously considered that the creation of a business card site is not enough to compete on the Internet. General practice shows just the opposite that a competent approach to development and filling with full-fledged and necessary content leads to better results than already firmly established competitors in the same niche. Because with a limited amount of pages, they focus on an important description, and do not blur it into several pages.

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