How to create (develop) an online store?

Creation of an online store is an e-commerce service that provides all the necessary tools for trading on the Internet using a website or application.

  1. The cost of creating an online store
  2. Development of an online store
  3. Despite all the advantages, it should be noted
  4. What does ECS web-studio guarantee you
  5. How to order an online store in ECS web-studio?
Creation of an online store

Own shop online

E-commerce gives a person, regardless of his location, to find the product he needs and buy.

This means the absence of territorial boundaries for merchants and consumers.

There is no need to go to the store to select and purchase the desired product, there are no annoying queues at the checkout.

To buy, you just need to find the product in the catalog, view its characteristics and place an order.

Thanks to multiple such advantages, the creation of an online store service is extremely in demand and popular.

The merchant receives additional opportunities for remote control of the store via the Internet.

Save money on space and staff, which naturally can have a positive effect on lowering the prices of goods for the end buyer.

The price of creating an online store from: $915

  • Unique design:Included

  • Logo development: Included

  • Control Panel: Included

  • Product filter: Included

  • Contact form:Included

  • Callback: Included

  • One click order: Included

  • Customer comments: Included

  • Product options: Included

  • SEO Optimization: Included

The price for developing an online store may vary depending on the preferences and changes of the customer.

Development of an online store

From the beginning of our existence, we adhered to the uniqueness for each client.

We always develop each project individually for a particular customer, even including elements such as the convenience of the menu.

Creation of an online store 3

If you look through our previous works, you are unlikely to find two similar ones.

A convenient and understandable admin panel that will be understood within a few minutes by almost any person.

Creation of an online store 4

After we have come to a general agreement with the customer and the future project has already been approved, the final stage will be development of an online store.

Despite all the advantages, it should be noted

Many entrepreneurs ignore factors such as security, which can later lead to unfortunate results, such as data theft.

Creation of an online store 5

Not paying enough attention to the design of their online store thereby lowering consumer confidence.

Poorly or completely do not implement a product filter, making it difficult to navigate and select a product.

Creation of an online store 6

Complicate the order form, forcing their customers to fill in a lot of items that are incomprehensible to them, as a result of which you can get a decrease in the number of orders even with a good price for the product.

Creation of an online store 7

Insufficiently describe the product and its characteristics, providing incomplete information to buyer.

Creation of an online store 8

It is recommended to think over and work out the methods of delivery and payment popular for the country and region for quick processing and receiving an order for customers.

In addition, it can be advised to add a system of reviews and ratings of goods that will help the consumer in choosing before buying, the merchant himself will receive useful information about the opinions of buyers about his product.

Creation of an online store 9

Do not forget to periodically hold promotions and discounts, thereby attracting attention and interest in the store.

You should choose only well-established specialists and companies in this field, it is recommended to check their work and portfolio.

carefully check each stage of development, and only after all the conditions and checks are correctly fulfilled, you can count on the fact that the online store will be profitable.

There is another option called "turnkey online store", which means that the developer company undertakes all the work of creating and filling it. But this option will cost more.

What does ECS web-studio guarantee you

Full compliance with the requirements and deadlines set by the customer.

Technical support within three months after completion and launch of the project.

Correction of errors made by the company, if any.

Initial help in learning how to use the admin panel. Complete user manual in video and pdf format.

We take full responsibility for our work.

How to order an online store in ECS web-studio?

You can get comprehensive information about the project you are interested in and find out the preliminary price. Give us a call or send us an email with your questions.

Best regards, ECS web-studio.