Website development on opencart, wordpress

Website development or refining on opencart

The well-known opencart platform is gaining more and more popularity in trading among small and medium-sized businesses. Thanks to its speed and reliability proven over the years.

Opencart allows to expand self with special add-ons, which are recommended to be installed by specialists or people who know this platform well. To avoid incompatibility with already installed templates or functionality.

A big factor of trust is security due to annual version updates, which undoubtedly leads to a decrease in the appearance of a vulnerability, increasing the reliability and relevance of the platform itself. Which undoubtedly affects the growth of customers and business.

The online store constantly needs to update some part, and sometimes you need to make a number of changes to the already operating store.

To this should be approached extremely responsibly, because if it is not enough to pay attention in the process of refining or adding new functionality.

As a result, you can end up with a poorly functioning online store and dissatisfied customers, and even get a downgrade in search rankings.

Website development or refining on wordpress

The wordpress platform is by far the most popular. Thanks to simple management and the most extensive set of easily added additional functionality.

And based on this, many believe that they can easily make the necessary changes on their own. But real practice shows that without certain knowledge and skills, in most cases they get a negative result, and they wonder why their site has dropped in the search results or completely disappeared.

Because few people say that many modules are of poor quality, and some send spam without notice from the owner, thereby losing confidence in customers and search engines. After such experiments, you have to turn to specialists which will often cost more than if you applied right away.

What ECS web-wtudio guarantees you

We pre-make a backup copy of your entire website or online store. We make changes necessary for the customer on a testing special site. We test the compatibility and performance of new add-ons with the client's website. All additional functionality has already been carefully checked and tested by us.

We give a link to the test site to the customer for testing and confirmation. And only after that we transfer all changes to the current site. We take full responsibility for our work.

How to order the revision of the site on opencart wordpress in the ECS web-studio?

You can get comprehensive information on your questions from specialized managers of our company, as well as the price. Call us or send us an email with your questions. Best regards, ECS web-studio.