Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked questions by customers

  • How to create a website?

    If you need a site that will work 24 hours a day and not cause problems or interruptions in work, then you better contact the specialists in the web studio. We are one of those studios. You can also create a website yourself for this there are many builder and CMS. In this case, you should take into account all the nuances that you need, such as basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript.

  • Which site is right for me?

    That's a good question and we'll help you figure it out.. If you are a beginner entrepreneur and do not trade, the business card website format is suitable for you. You are engaged in trade but you have few goods and you are not going to expand then a landing page is just right for you. Well, if you are a serious entrepreneur in trade, you certainly need an online store.

  • What do you need to develop a website?

    You first need to decide what type you need. After that, you need to set your budget that you can allocate for this. Choosing the functionality and design you need is a very important part with this, if you wish, the staff and designers of our studio will help you.

  • How much does it cost to create a website?

    The cost depends on many factors and customer preferences. Even the basic elements can be very different, for example, one person likes a logo that is minimal and modest, but which will reflect his type of activity; in this case, the cost of the designer will be less, while the other needs a bright, noticeable one, in which case it will cost more. Also, different clients need functionality at their discretion. To calculate the cost, you must first draw up a technical task, and then determine the cost.

  • Why do you need a domain and hosting?

    A domain or domain name in a simple example is a name but unique and never repeated throughout the global Internet. By the name of this (domain), you or your customers will instantly find you in a search engine or address bar. As a rule, a domain name is chosen according to your occupation. Hosting is just storage with files, photo and system, but it is connected to your domain.

  • How long does it take to develop a website?

    The time spent depends on the complexity. As a rule, a simple project of several pages takes from 5 to 10 days online store from 15 to 30 or more days. But we are trying to invest in the terms agreed by us with the client without violating our agreements.

  • What is website promotion?

    Briefly, after everything is ready and all the files are transferred to the hosting and the domain name is registered, and also carried out work on filling the content, preferably also help search engines find your site such as: google and yandex. We provide SEO promotion services for search engine for additional fee.

  • Do you provide site support?

    Yes. We provide free support for three months after creation provided if the client ordered the full development of the site in our web studio. It does not include filling with goods and content; it also does not include support if the site system files have been changed not in our company.

  • Will I be able to manage my site later?

    Yes. You will be able to manage content using a special administrative panel. And also add, delete photos or edit text articles and even enable, disable certain functionality that has such options. Our company provides manual to each of our clients in video and pdf format.

  • Why is it profitable to order a website in the ECS web studio?

    Of course, every company has its own advantages and we are no exception in this. We are the only ones who provide a long period of free support, which indicates that we are confident in our own product which we develop ourselves, which you can see for yourself by looking at our work and even communicate with our customers, not every company does this and of course, an individual approach to each of our customers and an adequate price.