How to create a turnkey website (development)?

A turnkey website is a fully functional, ready-to-use website. Includes all the necessary features for a successful launch.

  1. How to start creating (development) a site from a turnkey basis?
  2. What types of websites can be developed on a turnkey basis?
  3. What is the best way to develop a turnkey website in a web studio or on your own?
  4. How much will it cost to create a turnkey website (development)?
  5. Benefits and bonuses when ordering a comprehensive service from us
  6. How to check the quality of a turnkey website?
How to create a turnkey website 1

Words such as "turnkey" have come into our life. From the name itself it follows that as the final product we get something ready - complete repair in your apartment or a car completely ready for use. During the rapid growth of technology, this concept has moved to the development of sites.

A turnkey website is a website or web page which you receive completely ready to use. Such a solution will allow you to prepare everything you need in the shortest possible time, without the need to delve into and learn how to work with various platforms, spending months and even years. The web studio will do all this work for you, collecting the most necessary and reliable information, filling the site with content and adapting it to your needs.

How to start creating (development) a site from a turnkey basis?

The most important thing in building a turnkey website is its main view. If you are planning to grow or start a business, you need to conduct a detailed analysis of your competitors, determine as accurately as possible how others in the same niche as yours are doing their online business, and always do it better than your competitors.

At first glance, it may seem that this is simple, but if you start doing it professionally, deepening and exploring all the possible nuances, then many questions arise, why do we need HTML and CSS? Why is choosing WordPress better than Opencart in this case, and vice versa in another? For this, there is a turnkey website format that would save your time and allow you to get a ready-made solution for your business.

First of all, you need to decide whether the site should be commercial or informational. Based on this, you can choose the most appropriate platform on which your site will be developed. WordPress is recommended for information sites with a convenient and flexible interface and admin panel. If you need a commercial site, then CMS such as Opencart or Shopify may be preferable for creating an online store. Once you have decided on the platform (CMS) and design, you can move on to creating a website.

What types of websites can be developed on a turnkey basis?

There are many different types of sites. And each of them differs from each other in its unique strategy of creation and further development based on the tasks that it must perform. Let's take a closer look at the main options.

1. Landing page

How to create a turnkey website 2

Landing page - this is one of the most common and popular types of sites. It is used for a variety of purposes, from a simple one-page and short online resume to advertising. This option is ideal for quickly alerting you to important special offers or generating new leads, it is also often used to create even powerful advertising campaigns.

As a rule, call-to-action blocks should be located and structured in the correct order, and the most important and important content should be most highlighted so that it catches the eye of the user at first glance.

2. Online store

How to create a turnkey website 3

This type of site is necessary for those who are interested in selling various products. A distinctive feature is the presence of a shopping cart and various filters. The main information focus is more on the description of product cards than on other content.

Therefore, it is important to choose the most suitable design, which will mainly emphasize and highlight the features of your product. Thus, motivating your client to click on the "buy" button. When creating a site, attention should be paid to such blocks as a call to action, a detailed description of goods, a simplified form of payments, registration and customer accounts, making the process of registration and purchase as comfortable and fast as possible.

3. Blog, portfolio, personal page

How to create a turnkey website 4

If you need to create a turnkey website for presenting your texts, images, or an online resume, this type of website is just what you need. The most important thing here is the simple availability of any information - the content should be available to the visitor in a few clicks. Such websites focus on design and content, unlike online stores - their main task is to attract and grab attention.

To successfully launch a website from scratch, you will need high-quality and unique materials - texts, pictures. It is important to correctly and accurately configure the feedback contact form, as well as detailed information about you, so that your client can quickly contact you and get answers to his questions.

4. Corporate website

How to create a turnkey website 5

Sites of this type will be useful and in demand by entrepreneurs in the service sector, managing small or medium-sized businesses. As a rule, they have a good structure and are as user-friendly as possible. Letting the client know at a glance that he is in the right place and you are providing the services he is looking for. It is extremely important to make a separate page detailing the services and prices for them, preferably also add a contact form to accept proposals for the desired project.

What is the best way to develop a turnkey website in a web studio or on your own?

If you have decided to create a turnkey website for the development and further promotion of your business, you have to make an important choice - to create everything yourself or contact a web studio with experienced professionals. The decision of course will depend on your experience with sites. You can launch it yourself if you have sufficient knowledge and are confident that you can meet the project deadlines.

In what cases is it better to resort and seek the help of a specialist? If you have not dealt with such technologies before, in most cases it will require significant effort and time from you. You have a difficult, unknown path that you have to overcome from the very beginning to the end of the project. To create a quality website and launch it, you need to think through and work out the following points:

  • uploading various content to the site (logo, blog posts, images, elements, texts);
  • contact information for feedback, various forms, installation of a map;
  • providing a complex of site protection;
  • Installation and configuration;
  • search engine optimization (SEO);
  • configuration of functionality and various store options;
  • implementation and configuration of additional software (for statistical analysis and subsequent improvements).

You can use this list of items as a visual checklist to make sure that you have fully covered all the aspects you need. But if you have any doubts about the knowledge of these points, it is preferable to consider the involvement of studio specialists. In our web studio, a team of professionals will do all this work on time. Also, if you need additional functionality or personalization, our designers and developers will do it for you.

How much will it cost to create a turnkey website (development)?

How to create a turnkey website 6

The price, of course, is one of the main decisive factors, since any service must first of all be cost-effective. Today on the market you can find many different web studios offering services for creating and developing websites. There are also freelancers who provide almost the same benefits, but cheaper. But there is one important fundamental question about - quality.

It is recommended to always rely on professional and trusted studios with many years of good reputation. Our ECS web-studio, a team of developers with over 13 years of experience and hundreds of various projects under their belt, belongs to such a studio. Consider our prices:

Landing Page: start from 720$
Online store: start from 850$
Corporate website: start from 1050$
Information site:start from 800$

As you can see, our prices are much more economical than other large companies, this is achieved thanks to comprehensive solutions and an accurate definition for a specific service in our studio.

Benefits and bonuses when ordering a complex services

How to create a turnkey website 7

You strive to get more at the lowest cost, our comprehensive services thought out to the smallest detail are what you need. As a result, you get a first-class site with the most suitable platform for your project and comfortable management. We will take care of the accuracy and customization of your content, maximum protection at a price several times lower than the market value.

We will do our best to ensure that your information site starts its work successfully. You can be absolutely sure that this service covers all the necessary aspects and your site is perfectly optimized, filled with unique and detailed content. All this allows you to improve it in the long term, giving further development without fear of loss.

When choosing a comprehensive e-commerce service. You get a fully functional online store with all the necessary settings - payment systems and delivery, basic content of positions (additional is negotiated separately), with the highest loading speed and an excellent initial rating.

We offer you affordable prices for high quality, thanks to our professional development team and qualified project managers. What do you get as a result with comprehensive services?

  • unique attractive design and logo - attracting more visitors to you;
  • fast and timely loading of your content - a dedicated personal manager for the project will solve all the questions about the necessary information with you and provide it in the right format;
  • performing general configurations and settings depending on the type of site - map of directions and locations, contact form, delivery, currency and payments, setting up social networking links;
  • SEO - you get up to seven pages of your site with a detailed analysis of competitors in a particular niche, semantic detailed study and further development strategy;
  • installation of the most useful functionality - we will supplement with a variety of various tools, making your site quickly editable and easy to manage;
  • we provide high protection against hacker and various spam attacks - the warranty period from our company is 10 months;
  • We provide an additional copywriting bonus - up to 1900 words of special SEO copywriting exclusively to increase the position and rating of the site;
  • All images for download are already optimized and provided in the most popular formats;
  • We personalize the menu, arrange category links in the order corresponding to your business;
  • GDPR and CCPA, if necessary, we will add policy and privacy rules for cookies that comply with the laws of your country;
  • always keep your customers up to date with important events, we will set up a mail subscription and mailing list;
  • additional 15 hours of any customization or personalization you need within the project.

In most cases, these services are enough to get a good site, and all you need to do is periodically update it with relevant content. You can take advantage of our best offer to create a turnkey website at the best price.

How to check the quality of a turnkey website?

After completing the development process and launching the site, you need to make sure that you paid for quality work. But how can this be verified? The most reliable way to manually validate is that the buttons should trigger the appropriate actions, all content should load and display on the page in the order you intended, without any errors.

If you paid for the service of an online store, first of all check the operation of transactions by making several test purchases with different payment systems. If you notice errors, you should immediately contact the developer to correct them.

Before the completion of the project, we provide each stage of development to the client for confirmation. We send the results of our work and promptly respond to all your comments, trying to take care of each site that we develop as much as possible. In addition, your personal project manager will help you with any requirements and will do everything possible to ensure that you are satisfied with the final result.

At the end

Building a website is the most important step for almost any business. Thanks to this, many new opportunities open up for increasing your own profits, getting new customers and making it more popular. A website is a tool that can help you achieve significant success in a short time.

Turnkey website development is a profitable investment in your business. The faster your resource will be presented on the network, the sooner you will start receiving profitable offers. Be careful when hiring a developer, analyze their previous work, check reviews, make sure you are dealing with a real professional. This is really necessary, since the site - first of all, represents your business and creating it on a turnkey basis costs a lot of money. It is better to make sure that the result will be good initially than to pay for the correction of errors later.

You can be absolutely calm when ordering complex services from us, as your site will be in the hands of professionals in their field. At any time convenient for you, you can contact our operators and request complete information about the status of your project. Ordering one of the complex services now and you get an excellent discount on development!

Website turnkey questions and answers

How and when can I contact the manager of my turnkey website project?

After you have ordered one of the complex services, your manager will be available at any time during business hours. You can contact us in any way convenient for you, by ordering a callback or by sending an appropriate message by e-mail.

What should I do if I don't satisfied with the turnkey website service?

Throughout the development process, you will be provided with step-by-step development results. Before the delivery of the project, we conduct detailed testing and correct the identified errors, after which we transfer it to the client for consideration. In case of problems, the client can always contact our managers and ask the developers to improve the resource ordered from us. If the project is executed partially or completely in breach of the contract, you have every right to request a refund. Be sure to check all conditions before ordering.

Is the domain and hosting already included in the turnkey website service?

No domain and hosting is included with this service. Do not worry, we will select the most suitable domain name for your site, as well as reliable and fast hosting at a discount.

How do I know if a turnkey website service is right for me?

We preliminarily conduct a detailed analysis of your business and, based on this, offer the best solution. Our team is ready to fulfill any additional wishes and suggestions as soon as possible.